Fiesta Patrias 2017

If you live in Panama or have visited during the month of November you are sure to have experienced Fiesta Patrias, the patriotic parties that kick off the holiday season in Panama.

Fiesta Patrias Dates in Panama

Friday November 3rd - Separation from Colombia 

Saturday November 4th - Flag day

Sunday November 5th - Colon day

Monday November 6th - National Holiday 

Friday November 10th - First Cry of Los Santos

Tuesday November 28th - Independence from Spain 

Starting tomorrow, Friday, November 3rd the country will begin the party taking vacations from work. Many will head to the interior, and popular beaches along the Pacific coast like Coronado Panama to celebrate with family and friends. 

November 2nd is also a day to mark as Panama celebrates the Day of the dead. Note that no Alcohol will be sold (in grocery stores or restaurants) on this day. 

In Panama, the day of the dead is considered a day to mourn loved ones who have passed. People are asked to refrain from playing loud music and partying, at least until the following day, November 3, on which the country commemorate separation from Colombia.

Friday, November 3rd Panama celebrates separation from Colombia. While this is often referred to as the first independence day celebrated in the month of November, November the 3rd is technically not an Independence day as Panama joined Great Colombia willingly. Separation from Colombia happened on November 3, 1903, after Panama gained Independence from Spain. Read more about this topic here. 

The party continues on Saturday with the celebration of Flag Day. The weekend continues with parties on Sunday, November 5th celebrating Colon day. Colon day marks an uprising of Panamanians in Colon who marched to the city to reaffirm Panama’s separation from Colombia.

This year Monday, November 6th will be a mandatory day of rest The Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (Mitradel) has made the Monday following Colon day (which falls on a Sunday) a mandatory rest, ordered the closure of public and private offices throughout the country.  The decision was published in the Official Gazette on October 30. Mitradel emphasized that the Labor Code establishes that on November 5 of each year it is a national holiday and therefore Monday must be mandatory rest. 

Friday, November 10th marks the uprising of Los Santos, in Panama, the day is referred to as El Primer Grito (the first cry) for independence. November 10, 1821, while Panama City prepared to claim their independence from the Spanish Monarch, the first declaration was given by a group residing on the Azuero peninsula. 

November 28 brings Independence Day in Panama, marking Panama’s independence from Spain in 1821. On this date Panama gained its independence from Spain, joining Colombia. Another 80 years would pass before Panama would become the independent nation it is today.

The Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (Mitradel) reported that Tuesday, November 28, would remain mandatory rest day by National Holiday and that there would be no “bridge day” meaning on Monday, November 27th business will go on as usual. 

The announcement was made in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 28 of May 4, 2015, which amended Article 46 of the Labor Code and eliminated a paragraph that allowed bridging days to connect the holiday long weekends.