El Litoral Sunshine Day Camp In Coronado

The Sunshine Day Camp in Coronado is open to kids from 9 to 13 years of age. Registration for the camp is currently open for two sessions from June 12th to July 7th and July 10th to August 4th. Sunshine Day Camp runs 5 days a week from 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. and will take place at El Litoral in Coronado 
on Calle Punta Prieta #12.

The camp aims to improve oral communication, develop autonomy and a sense of responsibility while raising awareness of the English language, as well as social, culture and intercultural differences. These important life skills will be shared through fun activities like yoga, baseball, soccer, swimming, pilates, music and dance.

Children will have the opportunity to partake in workshops such as cooking, arts, computer skills and more. There will be cultural outings to places like the Biodiversity museum and the The Canal.

About the camp director

Anne Marie Bergeron moved from Quebec, Canada 15 years ago for a change in lifestyle. With an aim to recreate a life for herself and her family that lacked stress and focused on peaceful living and the feeling that anything was possible.

Anne Marie found new energy with her life in Panama, and found greater joy and productivity was possible in Panama. Raising a child in Panama Anne Marie was happy to be able to share this new sense of creativity and exploration. Now she aims to share this knowledge through activities to the new generations growing up in Panama.

In Canada Anne Marie owned a kindergarten, with a degree in Primary Education from the University of Quebec in Montreal, Anne Marie worked at summer camps for many years and has experience working with children of all ages. Anne Marie is certified in first aid.

How to register for the Sunshine Day Camp

Give your kids the best tools for a productive summer by signing them up for the the Sunshine Day Camp. Call Anne Marie at 6658-1143 or email lenaicke@gmail.com

Inscription only $50 including identification scarf, $400.00 per month or $130 per week. Each child should arrive with a complete and healthy lunch. There are only 10 places available for each session, so act quickly!

Registration is open now! Registration can be completed at EL Litoral 12 Punta Prieta Coronado near the Coronado BluBay Hotel.

For more information please call
66581143 or lenaicke@gmail.com