The Rio Hato Mango Festival Will not take place in 2017

Organizers of the Rio Hato Mango Festival have announced that the mango festival will be suspended for this year, due to climate changes which have affected mango production.

 The mango is a fruit that grows easily in Rio Hato with A high level of humidity and high temperatures. However, this year during the summer months un-usual climate changes have occurred affecting mango trees. These changes have caused some mangos ripen earlier than expected and others later. Due to this the festival will not be able to promote a variety of mangos as they have in the past and has therefore decided to suspend the festival for 2017. Festival organizers anticipate continuing the festival in 2018.

The Mango Festival of Rio Hato began in May of 2012 to promote activities for the development of tourism, agriculture and the culture of the area. The festival has taken place 5 years in a row bringing together people from Rio Hato and neighboring communities who work to cultivate mangos. The festival has been a place for local families and tourist to partake in fun and educational activities.