Semana Santa 2017 in Coronado Panama

Semana Santa, or in English “Holy Week” is the week leading up to Easter. Semana Santa 2017 in Panama, and around the world, will begin on April 9th and last until Sunday April 16th (Easter Sunday).

The Pacific Beaches are popular place to visit during Easter weekend in Panama. Coronado Panama during Semana Santa will be bustling with activity, as will the surrounding beach communities. So expect heavy traffic and empty shelves at the grocery stores!

Most people head to the beach before Good Friday, despite the popular myth in Panama that if you go to the beach on Good Friday, you might be turned into a sardine!

However, some people in Panama still spend Good Friday attending mass, reserving this day for remembrance. In the interior provinces, Spanish traditions are still practiced during Semana Santa. Reenactments are common in towns throughout the interior. One of the most visited passion plays in Panama takes place in the town of Pesé, in the province of Herrera.

Throughout Panama there is no alcohol is sold and noise expected to be kept at a minimum on Good Friday. Expect government offices and banks to be closed, along with some shops and restaurants.  In Coronado Panama and surrounding Beach communities many stores and restaurants will be open to cater to the influx of visitors.