VIDA DE PLAYA Photo Contest Winners

The 'VIDA DE PLAYA’ came to an exciting close on Saturday evening at Coronado Frame, with two winners taking $150 each for winning entries in two categories.

Here are details of the contest proceedings and the winners.
There were 38 entries from 23 photographers. 276 votes were cast in the ‘Popular Vote’ Category. The winning entry received 40 votes.
Judges Sylvain Duford Bruno Bartolotta picked the winner as their #1 pick without discussion with each other. They also picked random entries to provide additional developmental feedback to the photographer. Their thoughts will be emailed to the photographers in question. 
Contest Winners are as follows:
  • Jo Anne Burrill for ‘Adelphi Walks’ Selected by the Judges, received $150 from Coronado Frame.
  • Brenda McKay for ‘Boy on the Pier’ Winner by Popular Vote, received $150 from Mail Boxes Etc. Coronado.
Other Prize winners were:
  • Andrés Del Barrio Batista for ‘Summer Love’ receives $50 Gift Certificate from Coronado Frame.
  • Bob Jensen for ‘Bounce’ receives $50 Gift Certificate from Coronado Frame.
  • Adele Doane for ‘Soul Surfer’ received $30 Gift Certificate from Luna Rosa.
  • Dana Mollins for ‘Purple Haze’ received $25 Gift Certificate from Tiki Bar
  • B.Chrisse Harwanko for ‘Mi Enimigo’ received $25 Gift Certificate to Picasso Restaurant from LORE Magazine.
  • Linda Basilik for ‘Where Am I’ receives $25 Gift Certificate to El Rincon del Chef.
  • Sandi Mayhew for ‘Fireworks in Playa Coronado’ received a 30-Day Supply of Mooring from Finca de Maya and a copy of How I Beat Satan and the IRS from Mark Emery.
  • Marilyn Loveless for ‘Fisherman’s Day Off’ received a Beach bag with T-Shirt from That’s Why Panama and a copy of How I Beat Satan and the IRS from Mark Emery.
  • Maudy Bom for Mount Picachu, receives an Invite to Opera Panama and Cocktail Party and a copy of How I Beat Satan and the IRS from Mark Emery.
  • Peter Tiller for ‘Vida de Playa’ received a Lens Cleaner Kit from Coronado Frame and a copy of One Freeman’s War from Mark Emery.
Here is the full list of entries, titles and photographers:
1 Adele Doane Flight of the gulls
2 Adele Doane Soul Surfer
3 Cap Manuel Peaceful Sunset
4 Cap Manuel Baby Bath
5 Star McCamant Sol Doble
6 Star McCamant Heliconia Two
7 Kaye Ashbridge Log at Playa Malibu
8 Kaye Ashbridge ATV Fun
9 Sandi Mayhew Fireworks in Playa Coronado 2016
10 Sandi Mayhew Whimsical Image of Fireworks 2016
11 Brenda McKay Boy on the Pier
12 Brenda McKay Beach Rocks
13 Deb Foreman Sand And City
14 Bette Abdu Tangled Ocean
15 Mark Emery Boswell Hole in the Sky
16 Mark Emery Boswell Depth Perception
17 Dana Mollins Purple Haze
18 Dana Mollins Morning
19 Maudy Bom Mount Picacho
20 Maudy Bom Wild & Free
21 Linda Basilick Where am I
22 Linda Basilick Left Behind
23 Anibal Diaz A Happy Dog
24 Rene Schefer Crew Relaxing
25 Deborah Shucart Spirit Rocks Yang
26 Deborah Shucart Spirit Rocks Yin
27 Marilyn Loveless Fisherman's day off
28 Marilyn Loveless La Senda
29 B. Chrisse Harwanko Mi Enimigo
30 B. Chrisse Harwanko Eyes on You
31 Jo Anne Burrill Adelchi Walks
32 Jo Anne Burrill Kolorful Kayaks
33 Yoland van der Kolk - Brown Beach Babe
34 Yoland van der Kolk - Brown Beach Babies
35 Andrés Del Barrio Batista Summer Love
36 Bob Jenson Bounce
37 Daryl Reis Coconut Shell
38 Peter Tiller Vida de Playa


Topic for the next Photo Contest 'Flora & Fauna of Panama'.