Happy Valentine's Day from Coronado Panama!

Valentine’s day held on February 14th is celebrated around the world these days. In Latin America, as in other parts of the world, Valentine's Day is dedicated to showing love and affection.

Cards are exchanged along with candy and flowers.

Valentine's Day in Coronado Panama

In Coronado Panama, couples will often go out (or stay in) for a nice dinner. Each year, restaurants in the area offer a prefix Valentine's Day menu. 

One restaurant that offers Valentine’s Day dinner is Cafe Caracoles. This year (2017) they will have a four course menu with a welcome cocktail that includes Salmon medallions, Pork Tenderloin Brochette, Corvina topped with fresh seafood and chocolate cake for dessert. For reservations call 389-5707.

Legends of Valentine's Day

The day, with origins in a roman festival dedicated to fertility, originally celebrated Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture and the harvest. The name of the day, Valentine’s day, is believed to come from St. Valentine of Terni, a third century Roman St. The legend goes that Valentine’s prayers had healed a blind girl in the prison where he was held for marrying couples in a time of prohibition. Upon his execution Valentine left a note for the girl, it was signed "Your Valentine."

Valentine's Day Today

Today, more than a billion Valentine's Day cards are sold each year! This means that Valentine’s day is the second busiest day (for the greeting card companies), aside from Christmas. The holiday is big business! Restaurants are packed with tables of two, and stores offer a wide variety of gifts.

In Panama, the day is more commonly referred to as “El Día del Amor y la Amistad,” the “day of love and friendship”. Gifts popular on this day include flowers, candies and balloons. Valentine's Day in Panama is not just a day for romantics, it is also a day to show appreciation for your friends, family and people you care about. So let someone know your thinking about them today!