The Coronado Crocodile

Coronado’s Tortuga Lake, or in English Turtle Lake, best knowing for it’s Caiman population (not it’s turtles) has become home to a 7ft crocodile.

 The man made lake is located off of the Golf Course and is used for irrigating the course in the dry season. The lake is home to a wide variety of wildlife, from birds to fish, turtles, caiman and now a crocodile!"

The news came to us from Eduardo Eisenmann, who explained that an expert had been out to the lake to further investigate the reptile, confirming that it was in fact a crocodile.

The crocodile will be relocated in the evening Saturday February 4th. The Wildlife Rescue and Relocation team in Panama tags crocodiles larger than three feet before relocating them. It is against the law in Panama to kill animals and reptiles.  When animals are relocated it is important they are taken to a habitat similar to the one they currently inhabit.

The best way to tell Crocodiles apart from Caimans

Caiman’s have a rounded nose with an oversized upper jaw creating an overbite, while Crocodile’s have a V-Shaped Nose with no overbite.