Sustainable Gardening with Agro Riego Cocle

Agro Riegos Cocle is a company dedicated to sustainable landscaping, gardening and irrigation.

Nestled in the town of Anton, Cocle, Agro Riegos is more than a Vivero,  it is a learning center offering it’s visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the ecology of agriculture, sustainable gardening and alternative construction.

Rodrigo Bernal Ardito, founder and President of AGRICO, S.A. (Agro Riego Cocle) and teacher, is true conservationist. His background in sustainable management offers a unique insight into gardening in areas with an abundance of existing biodiversity.

Sr. Bernal is the creator and co-author of a methodology for zoning and planning for sustainable management of rural properties located in conservation areas. With his background, he aims to arm people with the knowledge to develop their gardens and properties in a sustainable manner, that works with the existing topography, soils and water resources. He encourages people to improve degraded areas and create flourishing gardens that work with and improve the natural environment.

born in Panama in 1957, Sr. Bernal is a founding member of several environmental NGOs, committed to sustainable development and citizen action to conserve the natural environment. Sr. Bernal build his first Ecolodge in 1984, in Brazil on a a thirteen hectare degrade area which is now part of a important biological corridor. The ecolodge has trails dedicated to the use of sustainable development techniques.

With a mission to find the best and most sustainable solutions for landscaping and agriculture, Agro Riegos Cocle is a one stop spot for irrigation solutions, plants, natural fertilizers and rustic furniture. With a mature teak plantation, Agro Riegos creates rustic natural pieces, and offers visitors to learn the art of alternative construction through a series of workshops.

So whether you are seeking a learning experience, or an expert to help you develop a master plan for transforming your property, Sr. Bernal is the man to talk to. His understanding of the area and what thrives here is unmatched. His model of conservation offers every property he touches the ability to coexist and flourish in the dry arc.

Visit Agro Riegos Cocle at KM 125 in Rio Chico, Anton Cocle. Or call (507) 6633-5945/ (507) 6361-4772 / Whatsapp (507) 6923-1557 / email for consultation and information on workshops.


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