Explore El Valle with TAHARAA ATV Tours

Located in the heart of El Valle, TAHARAA ATV TOURS offers access to one of the area's most pristine destinations.

Travel through the Panamanian jungle and spend the afternoon swimming or relaxing by a rushing waterfall. Surrounded yourself with nature and explore Panama in the most exhilarating way. The final destination is truly spectacular, but the ride is one to remember!

TAHARAA ATV TOURS is equipped with a variety of off-road vehicles offering experiences that can be tailored to fit the needs of each group. Thrill seekers are encouraged to get on an ATV and live first hand the rugged terrain of a Panamanian mountain side. There are several stream crossings, hills and valleys offering an exciting ride and gorgeous views. If you are seeking the experience without driving your own vehicle, TAHARAA ATV TOURS can accommodate you… and the whole family! The six-seat buggy is a wonderful way to travel from El Valle, and comes with a professional diver.

Along the way you are sure to get a taste of mountain culture. The local families that live in the area are lovely, friendly people. Their children often greet guests on their journey.

No matter which choice you make, the ride and the final destination are sure to take your breath away! The waterfall is easily accessible with a large pool for its visitors to enjoy. There is a restaurant with excellent food and drinks. There are also bathroom facilities. For those interested in relaxing and taking in the view, there are several hammocks overlooking the picturesque waterfall "Cascada Tavida."

Plan your adventure today. Call TAHARAA ATV TOURS and find out why ATV enthusiasts are calling this one of the most exhilarating adventures they have ever encountered.

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