J2L Offers Free Health Insurance Seminar

Learn about health Insurance options in Panama at the J2L Insurance Seminar Jan 26th at 2:00 PM at BogaBar located on the Vista Mar Marina. RSVP info below.

 Having a health insurance is necessary for everyone. As the cost of medicine and the attention of the doctors increases, something as simple as a sitch or a consultation with a specialist can become a considerable expense.

When we talk about adults who are already in their 60s, health becomes a priority. But getting health insurance is not always easy at this age.

Did you know that medical insurance in Panama only accepts people under the age of 62? Furthermore, they require medical examinations and health statements to consider ensuring you. If you are 63 you are no longer eligible for local health insurance. Insurance companies also have the power to exclude conditions, illnesses, putting limitations on coverage. At J2L we do not agree with these practices.

Take care when opting for international health insurance, because "international" insurance will not always allow you to have procedures done in other countries. The company can tell it is not an option if the same procedure can be done in Panama.

Finally, it is important to note that no local plan or company, covers your medical expenses 100%.  Rather most reimburse you for 80% or 70%, but a big expense could mean even with this reimbursement, a lot of money.

Not all health insurance works this way, there are other options. Find out what your options are. Join the professionals at J2L insurance for a comprehensive seminar on Health Insurance options. The seminar will  focused on options for people who are 60 years of age or older. Learn the truth about health insurance options in Panama and protect yourself by learning the ins and outs of how it all really works.

The seminar will be held at the new BogaBar located on the Vista Mar Marina, on January 26 at 2:00pm. It is totally free.

If you want to participate, please confirm your participation by calling 507 279-0012/ 507 678-0605 or by writing to vguzman@j2lseguros.com

Join the J2L Insurance Seminar in Coronado Panama if you…

- Are over 65 and not able to obtain a local plan
- Are under 65 years of age that want a more complete coverage than the local plans offer
- Are seeking international coverage
- Want info on 100% coverage, air ambulance transportation coverage, organ transplant coverage and catastrophic coverage.
- Want info on hospital networks in United States.