Happy 2017 from Coronado Panama

So now that we are done eating our grapes and burning our Muñecos de año viejo (dolls of the old year) we begin to look forward to starting 2017 with a clean slate.


Starting the New Year is all about starting a new chapter of our lives, a chapter that we hope will be filled with good luck, prosperity, happiness and love. There are many Latin American traditions that aim to bring a New Year full of good omens. For example, the color of underwear you sport as the ball drops can bring wealth, health or happiness, or a brisk walk in circles with a suitcase can bring a year with plenty travel.

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However, perhaps the key to creating a happier and healthier 2017 is in your hands!

Here are some ways to make 2017 in Coronado Panama the best year yet.

Create a morning Routine

No matter what your morning routine looks like, a walk on the beach, meditation or writing your to do like in the tropical fresh air, starting the day slowly and thoughtfully can improve your happiness throughout the day.

Eat Breakfast & Drink lots of Water

Try starting your days by nourishing you body. Pick up a basket of fresh fruit from your local fruit truck weekly, and chop or blend your picks into a tropical fruit smoothie for a daily jumpstart to your day. The climate in Panama can be hash if you do no drink enough water. Keep you energy by keeping yourself hydrated!

Stop saying Sorry for being Late

In Panama it is inevitable that things will happen late, tomorrow, or next week. Stop saying “I’m sorry for being late” and instead say, “Thanks for waiting” or “I appreciate your patience.” If you find yourself always apologizing for things that might be out of your control, stop. You might end up in a negativity pot hole, which you can end up sucking others into. shift your thinking from negative to positive and people around you will feel your gratitude as oppose to your stress and negativity.

Get Outside!

We live in a tropical paradise! As oppose to saying it’s too hot out there, lather on your sunscreen and plan your day by a body of water. Explore Coronado Panama and the surrounding beach and mountain towns. Plan a day trip to a waterfall, a hike through the mountains or a day relaxing on the beach, you’ll be thankful you did!

Get your Alcohol intake in Check

After a weekend of bubbly, vino or Seco, it might be time to re-evaluate how drinking can make you feel. Life in the tropics in conducive to drinking. A cold Panama or Balboa starts looking appealing often before noon and Happy Hours go on well into the night. This New Year ask yourself how drinking is making you feel, physically and emotionally. While everyone if different, this inward conversation is a great one to have with yourself has you begin a new year of life at the beach.

Get a Massage

One great thing about living at the beach in Panama is that massages cost less! Ranging from $30 to $100, pampering yourself in Coronado Panama costs much less than in large cities like Toronto or New York. So indulge every once in a while, and let go of that tension you’ve been holding for the past year.

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Wishing you a happy and healthy 2017!
- The PlayaCommunity Team