Updates from Spay Panama

Over 1,600 animals were fixed at the Spay Panama clinic in Arraijan last week. The organization has sterilized 120,000 animals in Panama since 2002,

many of these animals are from the beach community.

 Each year Spay Panama puts out a calendar to help raise funds for clinics, this year 100% of the proceeds from calendars sold at the beach will go to support animals at the beach. Purchase the 2017 calendar at Mailboxes Etc. and support animals at the beach. MBE will be selling calendars for $8; $5 for a Spay Panama clinic in Rio Hato and $3 for local dogs and cats. Some local furry calendar cats & dogs include two of of Jeannine from Mailbox Etc’s cats and a dog adopted by a couple in Coronado Golf.  

Update from the Chiriqui sector of Spay Panama 

Dottie from the Chiriqui sector of Spay Panama was happy to announce the 100th Spay Panama clinic brought in 3,707 dogs and cats for sterilization. The event was a big success thanks to the help of many. 

Dr. Tello, a vet that helps at the clinics, was very surprised when he arrived to see a beautiful 4 x 8-foot banner thanking him, the volunteers, and all of the clinics donors and contributors.

Dottie would like to send a special thanks to everyone who made this celebration a big success:

Lynn Gohman, Ovidio Portugal, Dr. Tello, Jose Denis Espinosa, Isaac Calidonio, Amanda Deffloff, Francia Pinedo and Don Binder.  And of course, a special thanks to all our volunteers without whom these spay/neuter clinics would not be possible!