Idaan meets with with small group of coronado residents

In response to the recent community concern regarding water shortages The Coronado Social Association (CASA) asked residents to come to express their problems at a meeting with Idaan that was held last Friday morning.  Four people were in attendance. 

The discussion was held in Spanish and lead by Sr. Quintero, Idaan director for Panama West.

A bilingual resident translated for residents who only spoke English. CASA president explained that Sr. Quintero was extremely patient answering questions, even with a busy schedule the offer the group his undivided attention.

In the meeting it was confirmed that the Chame river is dryer than ever and the water distribution hours for Coronado have been reduced to an hour a day (from 5 am to 6 am).  He explained that the large reservoirs are filled but the problem is that the equipment that moves the water down the pipes is fairly old does not always generate enough pressure to reach everyone.  Our CASA member mentioned that she was not getting water on a regular basis and was promised water delivery directly to her home every 2 days, no charge.There was a water truck at her gate before noon that same day.

The director told the small group that an Idaan truck is not allowed to sell water, so if you are buying water, it needs to be from an independent source.  If you are not getting water and have a tank, contact Migdala Sanchez at the Idaan office in Chame  (ocean side of the Pan American highway across the street from the Delta gas station).  Bring your bill and all related information.  They may be able to deliver water.        

There will be another pubic gathering to discuss and share water issues on Tuesday, April 19th at the Coronado International School at 7:45 a.m. The program Hoy con Ivan Blasser will be present with a news crew seeking to interview locals and hear out problems concerning water.

Through this time of drought it is important to keep in mind Coronado and surrounding communities are not alone. Most local communities are suffering from a similar problem, yet cannot afford to dig wells, buy bottled water or travel to the Idaan offices to ask for assistance. It is important that we all work to conserve the water that we do have, share with our neighbors and be patient.