Coronado residents seek answers to water situation

Many households  are experiencing major water shortages in Coronado and surrounding areas. According to CASA Idaan has reduced the water production coming from the Chame water treatment plant by 33% due to the lack of water flow coming from it's main source, the Chame River.

Operational shut down was to be scheduled from  3:00 pm and reactivated at 10:00 pm but unfortunately many residents have not received any water. Others are receiving service for about an hour or so a day.

There have been reports of a similar situation in the city where the citizens have taken to the streets and have been successful in having regulated service making the situation bearable. In that light, a group in the Coronado area has decided to 'take it to the streets` to see what they can do about the situation.

Coronado residents are planning a demonstration at the Idaan office in Chame on Friday, April 15th at 9:00 am.  The offices are in a small complex on the ocean side of the PanAmerican highway, across the street from a large gas station.

CASA  is requesting support, even if you have service, an independent well, or any other means to water, this is a situation that touches everyone.