Back to School with Libre de Basura

Today, students at the Roberto Eisenmann School in Coronado, Panama met with members of Libre de Basura, a group working to clean up the main intersection in front of the school.

Alison Date, founder of Libre de Basura introduced the group to the 3rd grade class that the program will work with primary throughout the year. Volunteers, Karyn, Lori, Patrick and Ray were in attendance to help pick up trash outside of the school and speak with the kids in English about the importance of not throwing litter on the ground.

The group will meet every Tuesday morning to pick up trash, while working on a classroom book with the third grade students about keeping the environment at the school healthy for all of the students.

Currently Libre de Basura is seeking volunteers to take part in the Tuesday program taking place weekly at the school starting at 7:00 a.m.

To connect with the group visit the Facebook page Libre De Basura.