The Evolution of Picasso

Photo by: Bob HislopWhether you are new to the Coronado area or know it well, you have almost certainly heard of Picasso Bar & Restaurante. The iconic Coronado restaurant just celebrated 5 years of serving up fresh food and an array of community activities,

including the area’s staple and always-packed Happy Hour every Wednesday from 5-7 and weekly music events with a Thursday Open-Mic night and a live band every Saturday.

Gastronomically, Picasso is the place to find fresh treats for all tastes and preferences like homemade hummus, the creative “Zen” salad, some spicy oriental dishes and artisan pizzas. It is by far the most-popular watering hole in the area and ideal for a cold beer, a home-blended Margarita and a little meeting, greeting and socializing.

In what seems like a blink of an eye Picasso has become the center and the heart-beat of the Coronado community. The venue hosts a community library, the Picasso “Blue Lounge” offers weekly Spanish and other classes, group meetings and health and wellness clinics and there is a local art, crafts and produce market on Tuesdays.

Over the years Picasso has hosted a long list of charitable events, helping worthy causes at the beach reach their fundraising goals. The Picasso Trivia league which hosts a friendly competition for teams of 4 on Thursdays at 5pm donates $1,000 every year to charities chosen by the winning teams.

Behind the successful Picasso brand is the free-spirited and ever-creative owner Claire Ross, who over the past 5 years has become a leader in fostering community connection and still is “completely and utterly in love” with what she spends her days doing: “working with my amazing dream team here to bring people together and create magical moments.” 

Surprises at Picasso are commonplace. Last month the lively venue was home to a traffic stopping flash mob! With all this action taking place, Picasso has just announced that they will soon be home to yet another exciting venture - The Picasso Café. 

In early February, The Picasso Café will open its doors under the leadership of Mafalda Smith and Yann Delisle. This energetic and multi-lingual couple will be joining the Picasso family and working during daylight hours to serve up locally produced coffee, freshly blended smoothies and fresh daily specials including baked goods, home-made sandwiches, soups and salads. The Café will initially be open Tuesday to Friday (plus Saturdays later in the year) from 8:00 a.m.

Mafalda and Yann invite you to come and enjoy the same fun atmosphere and great vibes that Picasso is famous for, now open for breakfast and lunch as well as dinner and cocktails! The café will also offer the option to dine inside in the new air-conditioned, deli-style Picasso interior as you savor their daily dishes all inspired by fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. 

The dynamic Picasso team will work together to bring smiles and service to the growing beach Community Tuesdays-Fridays 8am-10pm and Saturdays 5pm-12am. 

Picasso is located inside Coronado across from the Fire Station on the corner of Av. Roberto Eisenmann and Punta Prieta.
For reservations, information on the new Café, The Blue Lounge schedule or to get involved with the mARTesanMania Tuesday market or anything else:
call 345-7777, email or visit our events calendar.