Art by Stephen Quinn

Just one year ago Stephen Quinn was working as a full-time Television Director in the U.S.  Always the creative, he has been working with Lighting, Camera and Editing as well as Drawing and Painting for over fifteen years. 

For Stephen many images he creates for the screen influence his work on the canvas.

Dreams of a different lifestyle in a beautiful location prompted Stephen and his wife, Gina to move to Panama.  “This move has completely changed our lives and the way I approach my artwork!”

When he is not traveling and shooting commercials, Stephen spends much of his time painting in the Panamanian Highlands.  The slower pace of life and stunning backdrop have lead to many beautiful works of art.  Stephen likes to work on an array of surfaces and sizes, using different tools, textures and color schemes.

Much of his work is available at  Stephen also loves to do custom and commission pieces.  “I enjoy working with my clients, seeing where the painting will go, listening to their ideas on style, feeling and colors.”

So whether you want a giant statement piece or something to breathe new life into any space, Stephen is always excited to exceed your expectations.  Here’s what his clients had to say…

“I highly recommend Stephen’s work to any client who wants to rejuvenate their décor!  It’s always a pleasure working with him on custom pieces.”
Laura Clementi, Interior Designer

“Thank you so much, your painting arrived.  As you know I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it and I couldn’t wait to have it in my home!”

Susanna Del Pino, Super Happy Customer  

For a FREE consultation Stephen can be reached via email or by phone 6523-9503.