October Blood Drive in Coronado

There is a severe blood shortage in Panama. The need for blood is great, but less than 5% of healthy adults donate.

For this reason The Panama Hospice and Respite Foundation (PHRF) and the National Hospital of Panama, have organized a blood clinic for the Coronado area.

With the help of the NHN Helpline PHRF has achieved a full clinic with several donors on a wait list.

• Where: Coronado Equestrian Club, Casa 106

• When:   October 8th, Thursday

• Time:  9am to 1pm

• All blood types are needed!

If you have any questions about blood clinics in Coronado, or would like to be part of the next one call Sheila Scott at 6656 9929

Here are the requirements to be a blood donor volunteer in Panama:
 - You must be a resident of Panama

 -No travel in the past month (except USA & Canada)

 -Good Health

 - No aspirin in the 24 hours prior to donation

 - Please eat before you donate!

 - Juice, coffee and cookies when you finish