Beach Cleanup Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Sunday September 27, take part in Panama’s National Costal cleanup  in Coronado, Playa Serena iat 8:00 a.m. Directions here.

If you are not in the Coronado area this Sunday, you can still participate! Join over 5000 people nation wide in raising awareness on keeping Panama’s shores, oceans, rivers and lakes, clean.

Lead by example, pick up a few pieces of trash tomorrow and dispose of them properly, say no to plastic bags or a styrofoam cup. Or head to the beach and start your own cleanup effort. Every action counts.

Our health relies on the health of our waterways, and we as humans have had a largely negative impact on oceans and rivers. However, it is not to late to make a change. We can start by moving away from non-recyclable synthetics and reusing what we have, while reducing what we waste. Read more about the topic of marine debris, and how humans can help solve the problem here.