160 Years of Chame

Tomorrow, Friday September 18 Chame celebrates it's 160th Anniversary. There are several events taking place over the weekend celebrating the district’s anniversary. Festivities begin today, Thursday September 17 at 6:00 p.m. with a torch parade through the main street in Chame ending with a folkloric show.

The parade will be leaving form the Chame Municipality building. The events will continue tomorrow starting with a 7:00 a.m. mass, ending with a Horse show through the streets of Chame at 3:00 p.m. The closing ceremony will be a softball game taking place on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. at Horacio "Nachito" Mena Stadium in Chame. 

Thursday September 17:

6:00pm Torch parade by the main streets of Chame and folkloric shows. Departure point Chame Municipality building.
8:00pm Fireworks display

Friday September 18:

7:00am Thanksgiving mass celebrating the 160 anniversary of  Chame District. Place: Chame San Jose Church.
8:00am: Ceremonial act. Place: Chame Municipality building.
9:00am: Band School parade (more than 35 delegations) with the participation of  standard-bearer Deputy Adolfo "Beby" Valderrama and Deputy Katleen Levy. Departure point: Chame Municipality building.
3:00pm: Horse Riding by the main streets of Chame. Departure point: Chame town entrace after crossing the Chame bridge coming from Coronado on the right hand side.
During the parade children will have different activities and surprises.

Saturday September 19:

10am; Great Softball Homer honoring Mayoress Nieves Mayorga, with the participation of Municipality teams from Las Tablas, Santiago, Aguadulce y Chame. Place: Horacio "Nachito" Mena Stadium in Chame.
8:00pm: Chame Festival Party presenting the Panamanian Regue singer El Rookie. Place: Pub Herrerano Structures in the vacant lot between the Interamericana street and the street that drives to Chame after crossing the bridge coming from Coronado. Cost $10