Tashi the Recycling Retriever

By: Bob Hislop Meet Tashi, the Recycle Retriever. Tashi is a mini Golden Doodle, her mother was a full sized golden retriever and her father, a mini french poodle. She is the smartest dog we've ever owned.

Picking up trash started as a game. When Kryss and I walk the beach we always pick up the trash that we come across. Ever time we picked something up Tashi would jump up, want to check it out, and carry it around in her mouth. We threw large shells for her to pick up and bring back to us. Soon Tashi started running around the beach picking up Styrofoam cups, plastic bottles and anything else she could grip, bringing these things to us, to throw for her. Eventually she realized that we kept the plastic trash. We would throw shells in exchange, thus the game turned Tashi into the recycling retriever.