Rotary Delivers Wheelchairs in San Carlos

Sunday August 30 San Carlos’ residents requiring mobility assistance, received wheelchairs.  The Rotary club of Coronado provided several regular wheelchairs along with special chairs that were made to measure for children and adults. 

One of the chairs donated by Cat Mandell & Denise MacDonald, was dedicated to Denise MacDonald who passed away recently. Denise was a well known resident of the community, she did a lot of great things to help people in need.

A few months ago, Rotary organized a fund raiser to order wheel chairs and kanga chairs (a wheelchair designed with more support for physical disabilities) for children and adults in Panama. The effort that would be concentrating on the beaches area, has brought hundreds of wheel chairs to the area, the chairs have been distributed over the last couple months. Read more about the Rotary Club of Playa Coronado & the wheelchair project here.

Louise Belisle President of CASA watched as recipients became aquainted with the chairs. “It is is such a strange environment for many of them” she said. Many, both kids and adults, have been carried everywhere for their whole life, when seated they are not used to  real support.” The chairs will offer this physical support, and greatly help their caretakers.

“One person receiving a kanga chair was a 35 year old woman, due to sever physical disability she looked more like a teenager,” said Louise. A handful of ‘dedicated’ chairs were distributed  along with more ‘generic’ chairs.   Some of the recipients were as young as two, most were children between the ages of 6 - 14,  and a few adults. 

The boys took to the chairs immediately, one was sporting a sport car t-shirt, he was roaring to go, eager to try out his new wheels.

CASA would like to send out a big thank you to the Rotary Club of Playa Coronado for getting the chairs to residents for residents in need in San Carlos.  Another big thank you to San Carlos resident, Maribel for facilitating the activity and identifying the people needing help.  Lastly,  another thank you from CASA to all the generous people who donated money and  their time to the wheelchair project.  What a difference community makes!