Police Speak to Expat Community

Thursday August 13 the police force, serving areas from Chame to San Carlos, held a Community meeting at La Teca. The meeting began just after 2:00 p.m. with only standing room available.

There was a translator present however, Major Howard, who gave the presentation, spoke primarily in English. The meeting started with introductions. Major Howard introduced the various officers, sergeants & directors of the DIJ who were in attendance. The police Mascot was also introduced. Major Howard explained that we need to know each other, preferably by name.  He went on to talk about the necessary actions to take when in need of help. "The first thing you need to do is call the free-line #104" he said.

The Major also acknowledged the language barrier. "We have a problem," said Major Howard. "Not everyone who answers the phone speaks English. "But we are working on that". "It's easy to learn English. I studied and I am here speaking to you all today." The major listed actions to help solve the language problem. These included, offering the on-call officers training in English, and having a second number to call.

Attendees were provided the numbers of their local police stations.

A slide show was presented. Several videos along with informational slides spoke to various methods of prevention. These methods of prevention included, checking your windows are closes, checking if your windows are closed, locking the door, not leaving valuables in the car, not making yourself a victim.

The meeting ended with questions. Residents looked for answers on the following issues: A need for increased patrols in the   C coronado area, a resolution to the Coronado Intersection, and taxis in front of the Rey.

The meeting ended with the police force handing out pens and flashlight key chains to the remaining attendees. Some stayed to finalize the community event with a prayer for peace.