Police Launch Beach Security Program

The police forces servicing the areas of Chame & San Carlos will be holding a meeting focusing on a new security program. The meeting will be held Thursday August 13 at  LA Teca starting at 2:00 p.m. We spoke with Major Howard Friday Aug. 7 about the new Security Program. The Major explained the program, in collaboration with the Pacific Beach Community, is an effort to mitigate crime occurring in the area. The program's aim is to offer a greater level of security in the beach area through an increase of patrols and greater level of communication. Mayor Howard explained in this meeting engaging the community as a whole will be crucial in executing the new program.


The program will offer greater policing of beach neighborhoods (both residential and commercial). Officers will be stopping by businesses on a regular basis to check in with business owners. Major Howard explained, by connecting with community members and officers positioned in neighboring towns, more accountability and community connection will lead to less crime. By offering the police support (whether it be information on a suspicious person, act, or vehicle) individuals will be able to make help make this shift in the community.

The police force will be able to make these patrols regularly with the addition of 2 motorcycles, 1 4x4 (to access beach areas) and the addition of another patrol vehicle.

The officials who are a part of the program encourage community members to contact the police if they are in need of assistance. There are several ways to do this.

1 - Call the free line at 104
2 - Call you local police station
Coronado: 240-4222
Chame: 240-6666
Bejuco: 240-6023
Gorgona: 240-6033
San Carlos: 240-8012

For those members of the community who are only English speaking there will be a the police force assured there would be translator available. Despite this, we recommend using the services of Neighbors helping neighbors. NHN offers English assistance 24/7 and will communicate with the police for you.

If you have questions about the program and it's implementation feel free to contact Major Howard directly at: 6980-3762