The Azura Development Pool Inauguration

Almost 200 people were at the Azura Development for the inauguration of their pool and social area that took place Saturday July 11, 2015. The event began at 2:00 p.m. with an array of carefully crafted appetizers and drinks. Many guests arrived promptly, egar to see the model homes. Some residents even welcomed guests into their own homes, offering an idea of the customization available when purchasing a new home in the development. Toni Munoz moved into her new Azura home on July 1st, and was one such resident opening her doors to friends and acquaintance in attendance. Another member of the Azura community had residents over for some more drinks and snacks after the event was finished. We felt a huge sense of community building in the Azura development. The full time residents, developers, staff, and their friends and family offered a warm welcome to new faces.

Also developing in Azura is a lush green environment, attracting birds and butterflies to enjoy the plants and flowers the area now offers.  
We spoke with the developer about which specific plants attracted the butterflies. He explained "while every species is different, seeking a different host plant to feed on and lay it's eggs on, the lantana plant attracts a wide variety of butterflies." For this reason lantanas are common throughout Azura.
A large amount of information on the development, and the developers methods of building was available for those interested during the event.

We learnt some new things about the development and those behind it, while enjoying a dip in the Azura pool, a drink at their swim up bar, and some laughs with new and old friends.

If you are unfamiliar with the development and seeking more information visit: or contact Kevin Painter +507 6130 1381