That's Why Panama!

For Bill and Dorothee Upchurch, coming to Panama several years ago was a life changing Vacation.  While enjoying the crashing waves of the Pacific, a business opportunity was born. The couple thought to themselves, let’s create some high quality t-shirts with original designs, using fabrics from the Americas. Their goal, to fill a void in the souvenir market in Panama, offers the opportunity for visitors to take home a lasting memory. After two years of planning their move, creating their own unique designs and selecting the right suppliers,“That’s Why Panama” was launched. Thanks to the welcoming Panamanian laws, the wonderful community of Coronado and the support from the terrific staff at Picasso’s Restaurant, the products were launched and extremely well received.

Recently “That’s Why Panama” teamed up with Arenas Beachwear in Coronado to offer a large collection of original t-shirt designs and accessories to the public. That’s Why Panama products will soon be available in stores located in Casco Viejo, Boquete and throughout the country. Today “That’s Why Panama” is the premier supplier for High Quality souvenir Shirts and one of the only using original designs. Custom designs are available for business's and events. For more information contact “That’s Why Panama” on Facebook or call Bill and Dorothee directly at 507-6216-5039.