Monitored Security Comes to The Beaches

Until now, monitored security has not been a reality at the beaches, unless you are talking about a security guard walking around the premises. While many homes and businesses have video-monitoring systems installed, there has been a noticeable gap in the market as far as audible alarms is concerned. In fact over the years, a number of community based groups have attempted to fill these gaps by offering practical makeshift solutions, such as air horns to alert neighbors and watch groups. However these solutions assume the proximity of neighbors and that both home inhabitants and neighbor is present, willing and able to respond. Panama A/V is now offering a more reliable solution. They have teamed up with Panama Help Line to offer a monitored audible alarm security system. The company has been offering video security systems at the beaches for the past 4 years. “A good monitoring systems depends having solid triggering equipment and live operators on the other end of the line”, says Jeff Scher, President of Panama A/V, “with Panama Help Line we are finally able to offer that”.

With the pairing of Panama A/V and Panama Helpline, a triggered alarm would automatically make a call to a helpline operator, who will then attempt to call the householder’s registered phone number. If no response is received, the helpline will dispatch emergency services. Alarm systems can be armed, disarmed and triggered by pressing a button on a keyfob, or wirelessly by computer or smartphone.
The actual alarm equipment installed in the home or office is a state of the art Honeywell system, and can be set for different zones. Depending on needs, a number of options are available, such as outside weatherproof motion sensors and sensitivity for pets. Once the system is armed, alarm sensors cover the opening of doors, windows and glass breaks. Panama A/V has done a number of installs at the beaches with systems covering different zones and homes with pets. In the last three months, there have not been any false alarms.
For the system to work, a location needs to have a two-tired membership, one with Panama Helpline and the other with Panama A/V.
A subscription to the Panama A/V’s service, gives you support for your monitoring system at the cost of $20 a month. However the company is offering the first year free with the purchase of an alarm system.

A 1 year subscription with Panama Helpline is $120 (just $10 per month). Your annual membership allows you to call for assistance on any type of emergency, not just on triggered alarms. You can even call if you happen to get in trouble outside of your home, such as, a car breakdown. When you sign up for a membership you will be directed to fill in emergency information that a helpline operator can use to help. The information needed is directions to your home, medical conditions, number of pets and number of residents at home, emergency contacts and other details.
Panama A/V does business in English and Spanish and offers a free consultation and quote. For details call 6439-5662 or email