Personalized Panama Hats

José Pedroza runs a stall in front of Picasso Restaurant and Bar. His roadside shop is decorated by Panama Hats, which he will custom hand paint upon purchase. "I will paint whatever you want", says José. "Some people want logos, others their names and some prefer a nice design of colors". José's hand painted hats have been purchased for birthdays, souvenirs, special occasions and as happy hour tokens. His hats are Montecristos. Real Panama Hats, coming from Ecuador and available in varying grades of quality from $20 - $40 inclusive of painting.

José is from Columbia, and has lived in Panama for four years. He is an artist and designer who prefers to work at the beach and on beach related themes. When he is not at his stand at Picasso, José is manning his other locations in Farallon and Santa Clara.  

So if you happen to be looking for a fun gift for yourself or a friend, stop at Picasso and say ‘Hi’ to José. He is a wonderful guy and would love to show you what he does.