Sinaproc Issues Second

It looks like the Pacific coast of Panama will once again receive some heavy storm generated swell. Last night Sinaproc issued a new "swell" warming lasting from May 12 at 5:00 a.m. Until May 15 4:00 p.m. (See below for report). Be cautious at the beach this weekend and coming week, and think twice about going swimming. The warnings against swimming are with good reason. The shallow water is the most dangerous place to be. When a strong current pushes a person off their feet they are offten slammed on the seabed, left disoriented, and unable to get their footing. Tumbled in the pull of the wave, it can be hard for the person to catch their breath. Last weekend there was one fatality in Gorgona and another near drowning on Playa Malibu - both men were in waist deep water. It is important to note that surfers are out in much deeper water, and have a good sense of what to do when "caught in the inside."

Sinaproc report -

Warning issued for strong Swell


Panama, May 8, 2015 - The National System of Civil Protection (NSCP), informs the public and the public in general from 5:00 am on Tuesday, May 12 until 4:00 pm Friday May 15, 2015, GREEN ALERT is declared for the Pacific coast of Panama.

José Donderis, CEO of SINAPROC said that based on expert analysis, due to the formation of two new cyclones in the South Pacific, which could cause "Swell" has declared a green alert.

"Experts estimate that the size of the waves will average 2-4 meters high, it is expected to peak wave is given on Wednesday, so should exercise caution in the Pacific".

All pacific beaches will issue a RED FLAG warning (PROHIBITED swimming), swimmers are expected to comply, the restirction is for their own safety; also small vessels should take extra security measures. Being out on the open sea is not recommended explained Mr. Donderis.

SINAPROC, remain constant monitoring at national level and will be issuing press to continue informing the public.

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Swell is the movement of the waves (also called swell or wave system) that spreads outside the area where it has generated, and can reach remote places. Also it called lying sea or swell. Therefore this sea state has nothing to do with this wind, although its cause is the wind that originated in a different area. The swell should not be confused with the tsunami, which are due to earthquakes in the seabed.

GREEN ALERT involves the level of prevention and community notification in general and institutions of first response and constant monitoring of the National Civil Protection System.


On that note - to all the experienced surfers... Yewww!!