Money Bomb Winner Donates Winnings to Chairty

IMG 2761Saturday at the Woody's House of Hope Open House, Allison Hough of Altos del Maria was announced the winner of the money bomb fundraiser! Allison (left) was awarded her prize of $1000 donated by United Country Realty. 

Rather than collecting her winning Allison announced she had decided to share them between two other important community causes, Spay the Strays and the Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Each organization would receive a $500 dollar donation!

Though the fundraising platform that encourages people to raise money in new creative ways, Allison raised a total of $1861 dollars, and together the teams raised over $8000 for Woody's House of Hope. The Money Bomb fundraiser and the 'It Takes a Village Race', an event that took place last year at the beach, are the works Coronado resident Skye Wikjord (pictured on the right). Skye has years of experience fundraising back in Canada. Since moving to Panama she has teamed up Woody's House of Hope to help the house raise the money they need to live and grow.