Rotary Club of Playa Coronado - Student of the Month

At its regular meeting on the second week of March, the Rotary Club of Playa Coronado honored another local youth to its Student of the Month Program.  Jeisy Nicole Cruz Bonilla is a current member of the sixth grade class of Escuela San Jose, and resides with her family in Punta Barco.   She is an honors student with hopes of a future career in Public Relations and Modeling.  Some of Jeisy's favorite activities are soccer, going to the cinema, dancing, and shopping.  Her favorite soccer team is Team Barcelona. Jeisy enjoys listening to music from the USA and pop songs from Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, and One Direction. Jeisy was introduced at the meeting along with one of her teachers, Senor Jose Luis Carrasco .Jeisy spoke with each Rotary member and told the Club she has one brother, and three dogs at home that she enjoys each day after school.  She was born in Panama City and her Zodiac sign is Gemini. Her favorite class is natural science, however, she enjoys all of her classes and looks forward to attending school each day.  She also enjoys reading and encourages her friends to appreciate more the importance of reading to be a more successful student. Rotary Club of Playa Coronado congratulates Jessy and the Escuela San Jose for participating in the Student of the Month Program.

Rotary is currently seeking nominations for additional students from area high schools.  Selections are based on academic achievement, respect for fellow students, and a desire to improve the world in which they live. For nominations or further information, contact Rotary Club of Playa Coronado member, Dr. Dennis Ferry at