STS Clinic Spays/Neuters 96 Animals

Yesterday Spay the Strays (STS) held our third clinic of the year in Gorgona. And what an event it was! Four vets performed surgeries on 96 animals. It was a record breaker! The day started with no water in Gorgona. Not usual for the dry season there. Our local Gorgona volunteers scrambled to bring jugs of water from their home tanks to get the clinic rolling. During the busy clinic two male street dogs wandered in to check out the party. Our volunteers were happy to round them up and they too were fixed. Special thanks to Rob Condit who dropped by with several containers of coins as a donation to STS. It will take a while to get the final count, but we're guessing it will be upwards of $200. Creative donating!


Guess how much change Rob donated and you could win 2 tickets to the Lego Movie at TRYP Coronado!

Send you guesses to kara @ The person with the closest guess within $10 without going over is the winner! Stay posted for the results.

The next clinic for April 25th in Sora.

If you are a vet interested in helping Spay the Strays contact Lil Miller at