Successful Blood Donor Clinic

Thank you all for your help in getting the word out on our Blood Drive - 30 people came and donated blood, all 30 were accepted which is very usual.  We have great blood donors here in the Coronado area, lots of different blood types and the Blood team were thrilled. Sadly, I had to call 4 people as the Blood Team only had 30 units to fill; it is always sad to turn away a volunteer.  The event was very social with lots of laughter and people staying long after they needed to as they were enjoying the good company and refreshments. Refreshments were provided by playacommunity and the Cafe Viana cookies were very well received.  The ones left over were quickly devoured by the Blood team who had just spent 4 1/2 hours working steadily.

While relaxing after the clinic with pizza and sodas Dr. Montero said the location was excellent, the best ever.  Many thanks to Eileen and the Equestrian Residents Association for the use of their premises.

Photos: Lorna Culnane (right) our first donor and John John (left) who was hamming for the camera.  I was told the technician was very gentle. We had many compliments on how professional the blood team was!

This was a very successful community event and we could not have done this without your support.

A message Panama Hospice - Coronado