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Since this article was published in the March edition of the 'La Playa' Newspaper several new teams have joined the "Money Bomb Fundraiser", raising money for Woody's House of Hope.  Team La Yas, pictured here, is one of them! La Yas has also donated the venue for an upcoming fundraising event called 'Mardi Gras Fundraising' the event was created by team MARTICUS. There will be music by MAKSYM! 'Mardi Gras Fundraising' This Saturday March 7th from 9:00 p.m.- 12:00 a.m. at La Yas in Coronado. A cover charge of $10 will go to Team MARTICUS who has already raised $964.80 for Woody's House of Hope! To support this community effort and help raise money for a great cause, make a donation online here. 100% of your donation will go to Woody's House of Hope. Find out more about the Money Bomb Fundraiser, watch the video here. To Register contact Skye at:

On February 10th a group of young activists set off to raise money for Woody’s House of Hope, a transitional home for girls. The eight teams and one individual, mostly young adults, were taking part in the “It Takes a Village Money Bomb Fundraiser.”  The friendly competition gives participants one month (Feb 10 – March 10) to fundraise, in any way they can! Using all the creative power they can muster, fundraisers are encouraging one another and hosting new and creative events in the community. The grand prize, donated by United Country Real Estate, will go to the person or group that raises the most money over $1000, before March 10th.

The Money Bomb fundraiser is truly a win-win situation; Woody's House of Hope receives funding, participants have fun while giving back, and someone takes home a thousand bucks! It is not too late to get involved. In fact, Skye told us that in the past some of the last teams to enter walked away with the grand prize.

“A Money Bomb fundraiser has the potential to raise a lot of money in a short period of time” explains organizer Skye Wickford. Back in Canada, Skye raised over $11,000 in one month, using the Money Bomb platform. Skye has now put her fundraising powers to work in Panama with “It Takes a Village Panama”; a fundraising initiative that hosts charitable events annually.

At the date of publishing, Team Australia was in first place with $325.00, which they raised over two days by selling lemonade during carnival.

The group’s next fundraising effort brought the community together for a rooftop viewing of Despicable Me 2 at the TRYP hotel. The night was a great success! The team has now raised over $1500!
The only individual in the competition, Ayla of team Canada, began her fundraising efforts by sending a sponsorship letter to all her friends and family around the globe to ask for their support. If she wins, she is going to buy a new surfboard! Team Sami, made up of Sarah and Camille, have been hard at work selling bracelets and hair wraps.

All teams will continue to work over the next couple weeks, as the competition starts to heat up. Good Luck to all the Participants!

For updates on how the teams are doing and more information on the event visit:

Find out more, watch the video here.

To Register contact Skye at:

The next fundraising event raising money for Woody's House of Hope is this Saturday at La Yas in Coronado. For more info visit the PlayaCommunity Events Calendar.

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