CASA Giving Back To The Community

The 6th Annual Food Basket give away was held in conjunction with Three Kings’ Day in San Carlos recently. The event is organized by Maribel Gonzalez at her home and made possible with funds raised by CASA (Coronado Area Social Association). The basket give away is part of a larger support program for these families with special needs, many of whom live in hard to reach areas in the interior. This year 80 baskets were filled with basic items like pasta, rice, beans, canned goods, phone cards, soaps, toilet paper, fruit, vegetables, candy and more. A local church provided gifts for the kids along with lunch, cake and ice cream.  It was a huge fiesta complete with live music, dancing and balloons.  CASA members made crowns for each child that made them feel like princes and princesses.  A photo was taken of each child and printed on the premises and presented to them as a special keepsake. Jo Anne Burrill dressed as an elf to entertain the kids, while other CASA members encouraged kids to get up to dance.

Local businesses donated money to buy the items for the baskets, along with several fundraisers throughout the year. A special thanks to HIM Center and Mailboxes Etc. for their generous donations.  Another thank you goes out to Poco Loco’s Rock & Roll Band who donated their time during a fundraiser a few months back.  The event was held at La Ruina, in Gorgona in conjunction with Gorgona’s Vecino’s Vigilantes.  They played to a packed house that danced all night long.

The children and their families are so appreciative of the food baskets.  CASA members were thanked with smiles, hugs and kisses throughout the day.  Several families couldn’t make it to the event so CASA members along with Maribel delivered the baskets to them at home. A special thanks to Louise Belisle, president of CASA who gives so much of herself everyday. Without her drive and determination none of this would be possible.