Try Panama is raising the bar for the Real Estate Industry at the Beaches

Try Panama, is an all inclusive real estate company in the Pacific Beach area. The company was started in April of 2012 by Corrin Skubin and Jose Guillermo Broce Pinilla. The partners share a passion for athletics and pushing personal limits. Corrin who came to Panama as a Peace Corps Volunteer, made her start in Panama's real estate business by managing rentals in the El Palmar Beach area. Corrin participates in marathons and triathlons, across Panama. Jose Guillermo, a Panama City lawyer with a real estate license had been practicing Law in his own firm for many years. Jose is a BMW Super Bike Pilot and represents Panama for the BMW racing team. When Jose and Corrin met, they recognized a need for a specific type of Real Estate Company that could handle all aspects involved with moving to Panama from another country. By pooling their expertise and resources, TRY PANAMA was born.


What sets Try Panama Apart?

Working to handle all aspects of relocating to Panama. Try Panama sells, rents and managers property. At the core, they help people coming to Panama make the decisions that are right for them, and in turn making their transition to Panama an easy one. "We understand that moving to a new country can be exciting and stressful. We assist not only in where to live, but also with everything around that decision, such as moving companies, handling immigration visas, securing health insurance, finding the right car. We will even help with things like finding a reliable cleaning lady or getting a taxi". Says, Corrin.

Try Panama offers relocation packages that help get their clients oriented with the country before they buy.  Corrin says, "I usually recommend that newcomers to Panama rent before buying in order to gain an understanding of the area they want to live in. Then through the rental period Try Panama will help se up bank accounts, apply for visas or residency, and begin looking for the perfect home or investment."


Investing in Panama

We asked Corrin about her thoughts on Investing in Panama:

"Panama is growing. A lot of young families are moving into the Pacific Beach area, largely due to the fact that there are more schools in the area.

Panama is emerging as a safe place. When compared to other countries like Costa Rica, Belize or Mexico, people are beginning to see how much Panama has to offer.

A sense of community is developing in the Pacific Beach area. I have seen it develop since moving to the beaches, from the mountains of El Valle de Anton.

People are attracted to Panama because of the political climate, the good infrastructure, great weather and a growing economy."


From the City to the Beach

"A lot of people are looking to get out of the city. With so much more available in the Pacific Beach area the move is more possible now". Says Corrin, who is talking about the urbanization of the beach areas which has brought restaurants, grocery stores, department stores, hotels, banks and hardware stores. It has also brought a demand for housing. "It's not only retirees, its professional and young families, both Panamanian and expats."

The Wild West of Real Estate in Panama

"Real Estate in Panama is still developing as an industry. We don't have the same statistics at our disposal.Who are the buyers, what are their price ranges, what do they want to see? It's all unknown.

"The best one can do is to be aware of the changes that are occurring. Eventually you begin to see patterns and correlations from which trends can be seen and assumptions can be made".

Try Panama is working with other real estate companies to develop the industry. The company is a member of the Panamanian and American Chambers of Commerce, among other professional affiliations.


MLS in Panama

"A Multiple Listing System is a great way to work", says Corrin."It commits a seller and a buyer to one specific company, which is not the way the real estate business functions here in Panama.

MLS would eliminate the problem of a property being listed multiple times at different prices. Often when a buyer sees one agency has listed a property for a higher price than another has, they believe they are being taken advantage of. That blame often falls on the agency." Says Corrin.

There is an MLS system emerging in the city, says Corrin.  Right now it still seem far down the road, however MLS would create more rules and regulations. By organizing the business of real estate, further positive changes could occur."


What's coming up for TRY PANAMA?

The company has recently brought on two new team members who will work largely in rental and property management department. They continue to build strategic alliances with other companies to better serve their clientele. "We believe with co-operation we can all benefit and grow the industry positively". Corrin and Jose focus much of their business efforts in the beaches. "We work at the beach for the same reason others are coming here." Says Corrin, "Its the beach lifestyle".

TRY PANAMA's office is located in Coronado at the Rinon del Chef plaza on Roberto Eisenmann.