El Litoral - Yoga Studio and Bed & Breakfast in Coronado

About Anne-Maire, Owner El Litoral & Yoga instructor at El Litoral: Born in Montreal Canada, Anne-Marie Bergeron has always had a love for the arts. She spent her University career achieving her childhood dream of becoming a dancer. After gaining a degree in Modern dance, Anne-Marie went on to dance in several companies. While in university, Anne-Marie began exploring her interest in other disciplines beyond modern dance; Yoga was one of these disciplines.  It was in 2002, when she found Yoga. For several years, Anne-Marie studied different strains of the art; when she discovered Hatha yoga she knew she had found her calling.

Anne-Marie practiced Hatha yoga in Quebec under the instruction of several different teachers, achieving her certification. In 2005 she decided to move to Panama. She took the move as an opportunity to share her knowledge of Hatha Yoga with a new group of students.

About El Litoral, Studio and Bed & Breakfast:
Since moving to Panama, Anne-Marie and has grown her passion for Hatha yoga into a quite retreat in Coronado Panama. Her backyard studio offers a wide variety of classes amongst a lush green garden and calming music.

This year has brought many changes to the both the studio, and the B&B. Anne-Marie has taken on a team of new teachers who are skilled in several different disciplines, allowing her to offer new and exciting classes. These classes include Aqua yoga and Ashtanga yoga. Aqua yoga beginning this month, and Ashtanga yoga soon to come.

Anne-Marie teaches Hatha yoga for all levels. Hatha yoga is the most practiced form of yoga in the world. The practice of Hatha yoga works to connect the mind, body and breath. Like other strains of yoga, Hatha yoga promotes balance and flexibility, having positive effects on the mobility of the body. Other classes offered include meditation and restorative yoga, which work to energize the body, reducing stress while promoting focus and clarity.

Yoga retreats at El Litoral:
For the past few years Anne-Marie has been promoting healthy living by offering full week retreats at El Litoral. The retreat package includes three healthy meals a day, morning and evening yoga classes, daily meditation, massages on request, day trips and a stay in the B&B.

Anne-Marie has been working with travel agencies in Canada, to bring more people to Panama looking for a relaxing escape. By giving travelers a taste of Panama with an emphasis on healthy living, Anne-Marie promotes tranquility inner relaxation.

What’s to come at El Litoral?
There is still more to come at El Litoral! Within the next few months there will be several new classes added to the schedule. New classes to come will include, Fly yoga, Astanga Yoga, Pilates and Yoga for kids.

Yoga Classes – (Beginner, Intermediate, Multi-level & Aqua yoga)
Drop in class: $10.00/class
Paid monthly in advance: $8.00/class

Meditation Classes

Fly Yoga - *Beginning in October
Drop in Class: $18.00/class
Paid monthly in advance: $16.00/class

Private classes are available upon request for a cost of $30.00 per one hour class

Bed & Breakfast
High season: $92.00 USD + TX per night
Low season: $85.00 USD = TX per night

Maximum of 2 people per room (Foldable beds available upon request for children under 8)
Minimum of 2 night per stay.