Monthly Expat West Dinner in Coronado

The ExPats West Events were started around Febuary 2006 by Honey and Larry Dodge who own La Estancia del Encanto Bed and Breakfast in Altos Del Maria. In February of 2006, ExPatsWest began as a spin-off of one of the Panama City ExPat Social groups. The groups are composed of new and established expats, their friends, their neighbors, their families, their guests, and their business associates. The Event has now grown from less than 40 at our first social, to more than 150. Expats West meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at 5:00 pm in Coronado at El Rincon del Chef Restaurant, where Chef Fernando Paredes prepares a buffet for the group.  The cost is a special price of $10.00 plus tax per person for the buffet with no pensiondo visa discounts. In an article for Panama Guide, Honey Dodge writes: “ExPatsWest filled a need for a social group in the area west of Panama City along the highway to Coronado and beyond and up to El Valle and Altos del Maria. Many of our neighbors cannot make the hour and a half or more trek home from the Panama City groups late at night. Others of us still attend the other events and see ExPatsWest as a place to meet our nearer neighbors.

ExPatsWest has a name and an email reminder list. However, we have no membership, no dues, no agenda, no speakers, and the barest of organization. We just meet and eat and have a good time. It is a great place to network by meeting new people and seeing old friends and finding out about living west of Panama City from people who are thrilled to be here.

Don't miss the fun. We have lots of couples and lots of singles. Come alone or bring a friend. Everyone is welcome, including those if you who happen to be traveling in the area at the right time.”

To get on the Expat West reminder list, send your email address to Honey Dodge at
You can call Honey at  6671-6449

Expats West dates for 2008:

Feburary 27
March 26

April 23

May 28

June 25

July 23

August 27

September 24

October 22

November 26

December 24