San Fernando Emergency Clinic

UPDATE: The Panama Guide has posted a very thorough article about the San Fernando Hospital. Click here to read it. On Saturday June 14th , 2007 the San Fernando Emergency Clinic  broke the ground in Coronado. Doors are expected to open in May 2008. The clinic will provide 24/7 medical care to residents in Coronado and the surrounding areas. There will be a General Practitioner on shift to deal with walk-ins and emergencies at all times. The clinic will also provide some specialist services, including odontology.  Ambulance service will be available to transport advanced emergencies to the San Fernando Hospital in Panama. The clinic will be building a data base of their future patients in the area to expedite care and treatment.

 In keeping with the up scale Latin American look and feel of the Panama-Coronado area, the San Fernando Clinic was designed by Arq. Juan Manuel Vásquez González, who is the architect of the Equestrian Club's Homes and Coronado's  "jewel" project, El Alcázar.

This development takes a huge step towards increasing the real estate potential of Coronado and the surrounding areas.