Update on the new road project in Coronado

Plans for the new road along Coronado’s beach front are well under way. The following highlights are from a letter that was sent to residents of Bahia Serena. The road will start near the Punta Prieta Condominiums and continue to The Country Club Condo up to the fork in the Boulevard. It will be 1.4. Kilometers long and 6.20 meters wide of asphalt cement. Sidewalks on both sides, finished with colored cobblestones. Water pipes running along both sides and fire hydrants placed according to the fire department regulations. Rain water drains have been written in to the plan as well as grass alongside the road, planted with palm trees. The project is the realization of a committee that was formed to come up with a solution to the problem of poor driving conditions. The committee consists of Messrs. Victor E. Azrak, Roberto & Ramy Attie, Jonathan Betsak and Arch. Carlos A. Clement.

From seed capital they hired All Consult – a firm with extensive experience in street designs to come up with the plan. The firm has since done soil and topography studies and presented the findings to the Ministry of Public Works and A.T.T.T.

The committee has also met with a number of construction companies to obtain an approximate cost of the project. They received quotes from $ 1,200.000.00 $ 1,400.000.00. For the purpose of analysis, the committee is using the higher cost.

Payment for the new road will be split among the area residents, accordingly:

Condominium Country Club, Punta Prieta, Atutu's Place and The Harari will pay $1000 per apartment. The Boards of Directors of these condominiums, have already given their approval for the project.

Groupo Coronado will pay the conditional sum of $250,000.00 for their planned condominium project in the area.

Single-family residential land on the ocean will pay $4.00 per square meter and homes on the other side of the road will pay $2.00 per square meter.