Dues for police cell phone due by Aug 31st

A cell phone has been purchased, to allow Police to quickly identify registered residents in the case of an emergency. This phone requires a $10 card per month to keep it active. The committee has decided to charge a $2.50 fee per year per registered phone number to cover this cost.

To have your phone number programmed into the phone, a $1 fee is required per phone number. After that you need to pay $2.50 per year to keep your number active.

Please make your payments to Cillia Walsh, Treasurer of the Coronado Social Committee before August 31st, 2007.  Her cell phone is 6455-0127. Cilla lives at Roberto Eisenmann # 6.

Please note: If payments are not made before the end of August, your phone number will be removed from the police listing until payment is received. We would hope that this measure would not be necessary as the amount charged is minimal.

We want to make this a successful operation with the police phone registry and we thank you for your support and participation.