Coronado Social Association Meeting - Feb 2008

The C.S.A. Coronado (and area) Social Association meets on the first Wednesday of every month in the back room at Rincon del Chef in Coronado. This meeting is an opportunity for expats new to Panama Playa Communities to meet people living in the area and learn more about what’s going on in the various areas. The Association often brings in local speakers to talk about services and initiatives that might of interest to the local community. In the past, speakers included the Chief of Police and the Kiwanis Club. The C.S.A. Coronado (and area) Social Association is run by: President: Mayra Davidson Vice President: Donna Anderson Secretary: Sharon Rennie Treasurer: Cilla Walsh

The Association had its beginnings in 2007, when it came together more as social group with a need for residential improvements in the Coronado area. Over time, the group realized the potential for local improvement towards low income Panamanian families. As such, fund raising and volunteer initiatives were started to benefit needy children in the towns and villages around the Pacific beach areas.

The CSA started and continues to support The School Uniform Project. This project provides uniforms for the children of poor families. A uniform is often all that keeps a child out of school in Panama.  The group also supports a local orphanage and also funds various charitable initiatives throughout the year.

Since its inception, CSA meetings and it’s initiatives have seen the involvement of residents not only from Coronado, but also nearby developments such as Altos del Maria, Punta Barco, Vista del Mar, El Valle, San Carlos and more. The Association continue to evolve as more people move to Panama, and the needs of residents who are establishing themselves in a new community are realized.

A summary of the February 2008 Meeting:

  • The meeting began with the usual introduction of new faces in the room.
  • To increase a sense of security, a buddy system was proposed. People were encouraged to exchange phone numbers and other important information with a trusted friend in the case of an emergency. The CSA proposed to help organize or create a system to keep people’s information in the case of an emergency.
  • A blood bank registry was proposed.
  • Association board positions came up for nomination, with the current board retaining their positions.
  • A committee to review the mission statement was appointed.
  • Minutes from last months meeting was made available.
  • Board announced: All future projects running through the CSA will be required to submit a budget with expense detail.
  • The CSA has now opened a bank account and holds a total of $1346.27. The financial statement was made available for members to review at the meeting.