Neighborhood Watch Program

The Neighborhood Watch program (Vecinos vigilantes) success depends on active householder participation. A key ingredient for the Coronado community is to get the contribution of those householders who are not permanent residents. It is important that those persons contact the coordinators as soon as they sign up.

Watch Procedure:

- At the first sign of a problem, ring the bell. Then all neighbors, on hearing the bell ringing, are to ring their own bells. This will let any intruders know that the neighborhood is involved.

- There is a cell phone, given to the local police station, with the numbers of each party in the area who is participating already programmed. If any of these parties makes a call to that phone, the police immediately know there is a problem of some sorts at the residence related to that phone number and will dispatch police.

Development so far-

- There is one area already being set up, which includes all of the houses on Calle de los Caballeros.  Fred and Argentina Morris are the coordinators of this group.  They are both bi-lingual.  Phones: 240-1507 and 6487-0765.  Email:

- Signs are a part of the program. Two or three large (2' x 2') will be placed in an active area. Then each participating house will have a smaller sign on it.  The large signs cost about $50 each and the smaller "house" signs are $4.00 each. They can be purchased at 253-7692.

- Other groups will be set up as residents become interested and people volunteer to coordinate. Your participation in this program helps us develop a safe neighborhood. Let’s all show neighborhood spirit!