Cruise Advisory

This is an advisory about the Cruise on Dec.7th that many people have signed up for. Feb. 10th is the last day to book your reservation under the rooms reserved and held by Mitzi, our friendly travel agent. After Feb 10th we can not guarantee there will be rooms near everyone or even available. So it is encouraged that you call Mitzi and make arrangements to get your deposits in immediately. (Mitzi has said that the boat is filling up quickly and stands to be full by sailing time or maybe before.)Next,  You must remember that the balance of the reservation must be paid and in the hands of Royal Caribbean not later then 70 days before sailing (Sept.15th is the due date for the last payment and will give Mitzi enough time to get them all in.)  I remind you of this only because many of you travel at that time and we don't want you to have any problems with RC. If some of you could also think about paying a little earlier it would help Mitzi out as it is a lot of work and telephone time to give RC the information for us. I'm sure she would appreciate it.

Don't forget there are three documents that have to be completed. 1. The booking form . 2. The credit card form . And, 3. The insurance policy or waiver of insurance. If any of these have not been filled out please contact Mitzi right away because your reservation has not been accepted by RC.

Once we have the total number of "Cruisers" counted I will let you know about transportation costs and the details to and from Colon.

The trip stands to be fun, exciting and a great time for all. For more details on the cruise, refer to the article.

Skip Doeringer, 6513-7242

Mitzi Martain, 6469-6712