Meet the people behind Panama Sol Realty in Coronado

{mosimage}   Jim and Donna Hawley were optical distributors in their home state of Minnesota and Donna also still holds her real estate license in Minnesota, working with Coldwell Banker there.  They came to Panama in July 2004 for five days to look at property for investment purpose and during that time they purchased two properties, which was soon to be the beginning of their business life in Panama.     In Panama, Donna Hawley immersed herself in the community with a t-shirt business named "Panama Sol". Donna wanted to produce designs that not only represented Panama but also held the essence of its people. With that in mind, she held an art contest and invited children from all over Panama to participate. With 400 entries received, the contest turned out to be a major success, which led Donna to contact many Panamanian businesses to sponsor a trip to Colon for the child artists and their parents.

Thanks to the friends the Hawley's had made through Donna's T-shirt project, they were easily able to secure work. Over the next few years, Jim managed a four start hotel on San Jose Island, while Donna worked for a major city developer,  Empresas Bern,  followed by  management of the sales and marketing for two Pacific Beach developments.

In partnership with others, they developed, a service website that lists over 2000 businesses FREE ,that were cataloged through Donna's footwork through Panama. features businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping areas, as well as including thirteen things every resident should do in Panama from ice-skating at Albook to whale watching at Boca Chica.

    "We want to be a resource for people to find what they are looking for in Panama". Says Donna, about the internet arm of the Hawley's company. "As anyone who has relocated to Panama from elsewhere can attest, finding your way around a new location can be difficult. This is where we can help. Our mission is to assist our clients to make the transition to relocate to Panama as easy and painless as we can. We can provide many connections for people and we connect our clients with what they need".

    What about PanamaSolRealty? Donna says, "The sale doesn't end when the money is passed to us. It starts there. We have a strong commitment to an ongoing relationship with our client. People who have worked with us before keep working with us to buy and sell their properties. Our customers are North Americans and local Panamanians."

    Donna attributes their company's success in Panama's real estate market to the fact that  "we put our clients needs ahead of the commissions. We show our listings as well as anyone else's. We are happy to work with other licensed real estate agencies."

     Jim and Donna feel that it is very important to have a local connection.  "We have Panamanians and North Americans working side by side", say's Donna. We also want to work closely with a small network of professional and ethical licensed agencies. Other real estate agents will call us to help them out because they know we won't steal their client."

    With an office in Coronado, Donna and Jim feel part of the community and want to get to know their new neighborhood.  "We would like to welcome the community to come into our office and help us make our entry into the community easier. We love to meet people, and we are not a hard sell."

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        From the USA/Canada:  612-605-5823

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