SPECIAL Coronado Police Cell Phone Number

Please, take time to read this message in its entirety.  If there is any part of it that you do not understand, please feel free to e-mail back to me and I will answer or find someone who can. Dear Readers; The following letter was sent out to the persons who registered to have their name programmed into a cellular phone that will be held by the Coronado Police.  It is self-explanatory, with the Special Phone Number as it is necessarily only for the registrants.

Hola to Police Cell phone registrant

You are receiving this message because you have registered and paid your $1.00 contribution per phone number toward providing a cellular phone that the Coronado police will have exclusively for you and others like you to call in case of emergency ONLY.  There will need to be additional contributions to cover the $10- card every thirty days; probably $2 to $3 per number once annually. You will be further informed about this along with details of the costs.

 It is very important that the Police cellular phone number that we bought and provided be called ONLY in case of emergency.

 Your phone number has been programmed into the Police phone such that when you call the Police phone your name will appear on their display as the caller.  Because you registered, the police will already have your address and should know where you live or, at least, the street and area. Calling the Police cell phone should help facilitate the response time to your residence in case of emergency.

Please do not give this number to anyone.  It will serve no purpose for them, unless they are also registered (in which case they will have the number anyway).  There are about 60 people registered and there is space for more.  To become registered, pay their fee, and have their number programmed into the Police phone, people may contact Cilla (6455-0127) or Mayra (6616-5585).

Please make sure that your phone (especially, if registering a cell phone) is set to allow it to send its caller ID when you call out.  If not, the Police phone can not recognize your call and display your name.

PLEASE, learn a phrase in Spanish that allows you to tell the police that you need help.  For example: "Ayuda-mi, Urgente, Immediatemente". If you can learn the words for robber, fire, ambulance, doctor, etc; that would be useful. Hopefully, they will be able to respond regardless of language used, but it will certainly help if you can at least express that you need help urgently in Spanish.

When the Police go looking for your house, will they be able to identify it - EASILY?  It was suggested some weeks ago at a meeting that we all put large visible numbers on our houses or front gate/fence.  "Now" would be a good time to do that, if you have not already.  The Police officers can not be expected to memorize all the exact houses where we all live. (In parts of North America, you have to have the suggested type of number just to get your mail delivered; it is cheap and it is easy.)

Have the regular landline phone number for the Coronado Police ALSO programmed into your phone for quick access ( IT IS:  240-4222 OR 240-1279).  The cellular phone that the Police have is subject to whatever outages that any other cellular phone may have, so have the landline number as back-up.


I hope you never need to use it.