About Games Night at Rincon del Chef...

Some thigs we want you to know:   We judge the order with the Chef by the number of tickets that we pre-sell and the number of people who call and say that they are coming. We were worried we would not have the turn out this for July 12th, as the numbers were looking a little sparse. Luckily people are now responding and Games Night will go on for the 12th! We will set up the order with the Chef on Tuesday for Thursday evening.


We Glen and Sharon Rennie will be away for most of August and a good part of September.  It appears that there are quite a few people in the same situation.  While we are away anyone is welcome to organize a Games Night. In fact, you can organize a games night, even while we are in town. We would love it!  


To be the Game Night organizer, just give get in touch with us and we will get the dart boards to you (Gerry Walsh has one, Glen has two) and the file for the ticket printing and our Mexican train domino set, etc.


Many thanks to all those that help and to all of you who participate to make this a fun community event!!


Games Night is, in fact, on for this Thursday, July 12, 2007 at the usual Rincon del Chef starting at 6:00pm.   We look forward to another fun evening!!!



As usual, ticket can be purchased (or re-purchased) from Sharon (ph: 6-470-4699 ), Cilla (ph:6-455-0127 ) and Mayra (ph:6-616-5385 ).


Get in touch to organize Games Night for August and September, otherwise  we'll be ready to start up again about October. 


Glen and Sharon Rennie