Coronado and Area Social Association Updates - December 2007

The Social Association meets once per month in the back room at Rincon del Chef. The meeting is an opportunity to meet new residents, catch up with old friends, hear from local organizations and get updated on various Social initiatives. Here’s the news from this weeks December 5th meeting: Christmas Hampers: The initiative to provide food hampers to needy Panamanian families has met with great success, with $1180 collected in cash and promissory notes. Shopping for the hampers will begin next week. Volunteers are needed to help assemble the baskets on Saturday December 15th at 1pm at the Bohio at Coronado Country Club (pink buildings). Presentation of the food hampers will take place December 22nd @ 10:00 a.m. in San Carlos, the party for the handicap children will take place at the hall behind the police station. RSVP is necessary to attend the gathering. Please call Kathie at 240-1275 if you would like to participate at the distribution. Click here for more on Christmas Hamper Project

School Uniform Project:

Debroah Turl, organizer of the Mahjong Club presented $100 towards the School Uniform Project collected from Mahjong players at their games. This project provides uniforms to schools in severely under privileged areas. This committee identifies schools that have an authentic interest in the development of children’s futures. Then, with the help of the school it identifies the children of families that truly need the assistance. The kids are then measured for uniforms and fitted for shoes, which are purchased and provided for through community donations. More on the School Uniform Project.

Club Updates:

The Coronado Social Club also handed out a summary of the monies collected and held through various fund raising efforts, as of 1st December 2007. The total amount held is $846.96. If you would like to take a look at the entire summary, please contact Cilla Walsh at