Games Night and Christmas Raffle

Hi Folks;

I hope you are ready for one more games night before 2007 escapes us.  This games night will be special.

We will be having the draw for a lovely handmade picnic quilt donated by Anna Liebig.  Tickets have been on sale for the past 3 months and we hope to raise a goodly sum of money for the handicapped children as a result.  ALSO -  IN ADDITION, Mike Liebig has donated a $50- gift certificate for use at the La HUACA Restaurant at the Coronado Hotel.  The gift certificate will be drawn for on the same ticket that you bought for the quilt.  The gift certificate will be second prize and will be drawn for first. The quilt, the grand prize, will be the final draw.  You may want to get a few extra tickets now that there are two prizes.  AND - yes, you can win both, if your name is pulled twice.  We should all thank the Liebig's for their generosity with these great donations.

Remember the games night is Thursday, Dec 6, 2007 at 6:00pm at the Rincon del Chef in Coronado.  Come and get an early start on the festive season.

Call me at 6470-4699 or Mayra at 6616-5385 for tickets to the games night.  You can also call me for more tickets on the two prizes for the evening.