Coronado Security; ID cards for employees

In an effort to reduce property theft and home break-ins, all domestic employees working in the Coronado area now need to be registered with ID cards at the front gate. Employees must be carrying ID while in he Coronado area. Police have been stopping busses at the gates for registration spot checks. While construction workers do not need to carry employee ID cards, they do need to be registered with the gate.

Police have been spot checking passengers on busses traveling into the Coronado for working ID cards. Unregistered people without ID cards are not being permitted to enter the Coronado area. Please insist your employees enter the Coronado area through a monitored gate.
Furthermore, Sherrif Phylis de Lopez has a resolution from the Mayor to curfew unauthorized employees from the streets of Coronado after 9pm.

The police have also offered to run criminal checks for the benefit of residents on potential new hires. Bring the person’s name and cedular to the police at the gate and request a criminal check.

The following information is taken from my notes at the Safety meeting of June 7, 2007, which was attended by the residents of Coronado and the local police. This meeting reflected the relationship building efforts that are underway by both groups.